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In today’s article, we’ll look at some facts concerning a popular pet robot. Shoppers from a variety of countries, particularly India, are eager to learn more about this technology. Please continue reading to find more about the Emo Ai Desktop Pet Price In India.

What is Artificial Intelligence, and how does it work?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that allows machines to mimic human behavior. Humans are born with the ability to think, make decisions, and act appropriately. The neural networks are mapped in the processing units of AI gadgets by technological developers. As a result, the systems can work with their embedded intelligence.

Amazon and YouTube recommendations, gadgets like Alexa, and Google’s advanced search tool are all examples of AI. These systems, like people, observe input patterns and give related outputs. Recently, tech-savvy individuals all over the world have been curious about the Emo Robot Price In India, which we will discuss momentarily.

What exactly is Emo?

Emo is a desktop pet robot that focuses on artificial intelligence foundations. The robot features a wide-angle camera for capturing information around this one. It has a wireless charging system that is connected to the skateboard.

Emo does special acts in addition to providing the information available on the Web. It is connected to a smart light, for example, and turns it on or off based on the user’s requests. It can also play various types of music and dances for them.

Price Of Emo Ai Desktop Pet In India

Emo can be purchased through Living AI’s official website. To complete the transaction, go to the Buy or Store section of the portal. Other items available in the store include Emo clothing, a Christmas set, and so on. An Emo unit will set you back $279. In Indian money, this equals Rs 20687.85.

Emo was original $299 (Rs 22170.85), but the developers are presently running a promotion. Emo will be delivered with a headphone and a skateboard to buyers. In the current package, the designers are giving away the smart light for free.

Is the price of the Emo Robot in India justified?

For some clients, Emo’s price may appear to be excessive. Despite this, the unit is well-equipped. It has a variety of sensors, including lighting, touch, acceleration, drops, and distance. It’s light and easy to transport. It can also capture images and play games with you. All of these features add up to a pet robot that is well worth the money.


Customers all across the world have already begun placing orders for this pet AI robot. The crew has said that more Emos will be produced in future batches. Before acquiring this robot, you might want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence.



Sales PackageMiko 2 Unit, Power Adapter, Quick Start Guide
SkillsetSocial Skills, Speaking Skills
Number Of Batteries0 Batteries
Minimum Age5 years
Battery OperatedNo
Battery TypeNo batteries