Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Market Is Expected To Register A Revenue CAGR Till 2030

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The latest updated report published by Polaris Market Research titled “Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane market size & share analysis and forecast 2022-2030” includes information on the industry’s growth prospects, challenges, and market share, and scope. The detailed overview, research objectives, market share, import-export status, market segmentation, and size estimate are all included in the study. The rivalry in the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane segment, market trends, business strategies and policies, and potential demand are all examined.


Reverse osmosis is a force-driven membrane process utilized for water purification. In all pressure-driven membranes, procedure water flows through the membrane more easily than pollutants discarded. But only a fraction of water supplied to a RO membrane progresses through the membrane. In the RO process, two water streams of varying water quality are produced. In the first stream, water passes through the membrane and is purified. It is referred to as permeate. In the second stream, as the feed water stream flows along the membrane, water is lost to the permeate stream, and the cluster of pollutants on the feed water side increases.

The membranes used in RO usually constitute non-porous polymeric film central by support layers that are porous. The perforation in this polymeric film is highly minute, which permits the RO the distinct ability to do away with the most dissolved solids from water. Mainly RO is proficient in disallowing bacteria, viruses, sugar, salts, particles, proteins, heavy metals, dyes, dissolved organics, and other pollutants that are dissolved in water.

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Climate change to be the catalyst in driving the reverse osmosis membrane market

Growing pollution levels, multiplying population, industrial expansion, and climate change have recently brought about a worldwide requirement for clean and fresh water. Therefore, consumers have selected various water filtration methods, the RO’s most sought after. Additionally, many countries utilize seawater desalination, which relies on the RO process to do away with excessive salt in the water and befit it for intake.

There are governments globally increasing public awareness concerning waterborne illnesses and prescribing the usage of water filtration equipment. Further, influential organizations are advancing hybrid and progressive membrane technologies that provide expanded membrane life and decrease the membrane replacement rate. These advancements are anticipated to enhance the usage of RO membrane in power plants, municipal water treatment, mining, and the chemical sectors, thereby enhancing the reverse osmosis membrane market.

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Regional analysis

The Asia Pacific to experience significant growth in the reverse osmosis membrane market

Growing government initiatives to offer access to water, population growth, and increasing urbanization are anticipated to push the regional market. The biggest markets in the region are China, India, and Japan. Additionally, growing industrial performance and residential and commercial sector growth in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India are expected to push the reverse osmosis membrane market.

Key segmentation

By type analysis

Good chemical and mechanical stability to enhance the reverse osmosis membrane market

Depending on the type, the thin-film composite membranes are broadly used for water and wastewater treatment. Thin-film composite membranes are manufactured primarily for utilization in desalination systems and water purification. These membranes have soaring discarding of unwanted materials like salts and metal ions, a high filtration rate, and good mechanical strength.

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By end-use analysis

Water and wastewater treatment segment account for the largest market share

Shortage of water and refining control directing wastewater treatment and reuse are driving the market. The growing demand for potable water from countries like Brazil, India, and China has the largest market.

Covid-19 impact

The covid-19 pandemic retarded the growth of the water sector. The industry had to survive with disruptions in the supply chain, shifts in demand patterns, and alternative emergency measures. Covid-19 has strengthened the significance of an appropriate approach to sanitation and water. The pandemic has led to growth in domestic water demand from businesses.

Key players

Some of the major players operating in the global market include Alfa Laval, Axeon, Dupont Water Solutions, Hydramem, Hydranautics, KeenSen, Koch Separation Solutions, Lenntech, LG Chem, Mann+Hummel Water & Fluid Solutions, Membranium, Merck, Pall Water, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions, Toray Industries, Inc., and Toyobo Co. Ltd.

Recent developments

In January 2020, DuPont water solutions initiated dry tested seawater reverse osmosis components, authorizing the transformation from wet to dry testing and enhancing the flexibility of storage and shelf life. It directs to surpass membrane performance standards and realize operational benefits that are long-term.

In December 2019, Toray Industries produced a seawater desalination reverse osmosis membrane. This membrane can have 70% cleaner water than other traditional offerings. This technology assists in the depletion of water production costs and directs to attain worldwide demand for clean water.

Reverse osmosis membrane market: By type

  • Thin-film composite
  • Cellulose-based membranes
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Reverse osmosis membrane market: By end-use

  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Industrial Processing

Reverse osmosis membrane market: By filter module

  • Spiral Wound
  • Hollow Fiber
  • Tubular
  • Plate and Frame

Reverse osmosis membrane market: By application

  • Desalination
  • Utility water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment & reuse
  • Process water

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